Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shine on: Presenteeism

In honor of this horrible cold and flu season being just about over (knock on wood, please!), this week at Shine I revisit the idea of presenteeism and how sometimes, the only way working parents can rest is by going to the office when they're sick...

Really, though, we couldn’t figure out why we were caught in this cycle of sinus headaches and hacking coughs. We feebly tossed around a few more ideas (is it the weather? Do we need vitamins?) while my husband reminded L. to cover her mouth when she sneezed and I wiped O.’s streaming nose for the umpteenth time, and then it hit us …


This is the first year that any of our kids’ have been in daycare. They’re thriving and socializing and learning amazing new things. They’re also coming into contact with amazing new germs that they bring home and generously share with the rest of us. [More]

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