Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finding Time to Exercise... It CAN Be Done!

Undercover as the Work It, Mom! Team, I spent a while rounding up readers comments and suggestions for finding time to work it a work out. Feeling the flab, but lacking the motivation? It may seem impossible, but if you can multitask (and what mom can't?), you can work out.

The article fleshes these 10 tips out, but, in a nutshell:

1.) Make time. Wake up early, stay up late.
2.) Schedule it in during the day, like any other appointment.
3.) Stay positive.
4.) Being pregnant (or having recently been pregnant) isn't a reason to avoid exercise.
5.) Work out with your kids.
6.) Exercise at home, on equipment or via video.
7.) Walk more.
8.) Do it all year round, even when it's cold outside.
9.) Look into ways to burn more calories in less time (like interval training).
10.) Enlist a friend to work out with you, or at least hold you accountable.

Read the whole thing over at Work It, Mom!

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