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The New York Times:
     Breast-Feeding the wrong baby
     Priorities: Children or Spouse?

The White House: Open for Questions (Video)
     Women in America: Lylah M. Alphonse Interviews Valerie Jarrett and Preeta Bansel

Fox Business News (Video):
     Are Ivy Leagues Worth the Debt?
     Make Your Resume Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Fox News (Video):
     Michelle Obama Reveals Unusual Christmas Tradition
     Do Infants Belong in the Workplace?

Fox News 25 Boston (Video):
     Family Works: Back-to-School Budget
     Eating Organic: What to Buy, What not to Bother With
     Are Kids Today Meaner Than Ever?

Yahoo!'s The Shine (Video):
     Top Interview Questions That Trick You
     Office Decorating: What Belongs on Your Desk
     Industries Where Women Earn More Than Men
     5 Things Not to Have on Your Resume
     Dorm Room Decorating

Anderson Cooper (Video)
     Using Coupons Wisely
     Maximize Your Tax Return
     Finding the Coupon Codes You Need
     Un-Schooling: Child Centered or Parental Laziness?

The Huffington Post:
    A Real-Life Tale of Choosing
     Who Comes First, Your Children or Your Spouse?
     What to Tell Your Child When Role Models Disappoint

The Rush Limbaugh Show:
     Didn't We Do a Morning Update on This?
     Special Diets May Help Children Control Autism Symptoms

U. S. News & World Report:
     Study Shows Abstinence Sex Education Works But Not Well Enough
     Many Boston Kids Blame Rihanna

Global Ethics:
     Childhood Obesity

     Tragic Death of South Korean Baby Shouldn't Be Used as Internet Addiction Fodder

The Back Forty:
     Children Snacking More, Gaining More
     Study Showing Rise in Snacking by Children Generates Discussion

The Autism News:
     Parenting Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum

Mom on Reserve:
     It Takes a Lot of Money to Raise a Child
     Autism Awareness: There Are More Than Just Five Senses
     Would You Hire a Manny?

Age of Autism:
     The Frontline Vaccine War
     Wakefield Vows to Continue Vaccine-Autism Research

Autism Things:
     Debating the Vaccine Wars

BAM Internet Radio:
     Fear of Men in Early Childhood Education

Chi Speak:
     Obama's Speech to Students

By Parents, For Parents:
     Are Terrible Teens Worse Than Terrible Twos?

Organized Wisdom:
     Fostering a Love of Music in Your Family

The Week:
     Does Having Kids Make Adults Miserable?
     Bebe Gloton and Breastfeeding

The American Journal of Sociology:
     Is Proximity a Factor in Diagnosing Autism?