Friday, May 18, 2018

On WGBH: School shootings, royal weddings, #MeToo, and Boston business issues

Recently on WGBH-TV's "Beat the Press," Adam Reilly, Dan Kennedy, Callie Crossley and I joined host Emily Rooney to talk about about how the media is covering the latest school shooting, the latest royal wedding, the latest racism-related business issue in Boston, and the latest #MeToo-related punishment on Spotify. Plus, of course, our weekly rants and raves -- my rave was for Wired Magazine's coverage of the news through the lens of science, and for the fantastic reviews by acclaimed food and travel writer Joe Ray.You can watch clips below:

As a school shooting unfolds in Texas, one local TV news station fact-checks live:

Are British tabloids hounding Meghan Markle's American family members?

On whether a Boston Seaport restaurant's business woes have anything to do with race:

On Spotify's reaction to the #MeToo movement:

Our weekly rants and raves:

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