Friday, April 13, 2018

On WGBH: Trump 'love child' rumors, a semi-apology, and media access to executions

Tonight on WGBH-TV's “Beat the Press,” Adam Reilly, Dan Kennedy, Callie Crossley, and I join host Emily Rooney to talk about Tom Ashbrook’s semi-apology, whether the media should have access to all aspects of executions, how the press has handled the rumors of Trump’s lovechild, and our usual rants and raves. (My rave was for these two projects at -- please check them out!) You can find watch the episode, broken up into segments by topic, below. 

On why the media is choosing to publish the "love child" story now:

On WBUR's Tom Ashbrook and his request for redemption:

On whether the media should be allowed to document all aspects of executions:

Our rants and raves:

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