Friday, July 1, 2011

Wisdom from the road: What do you wish you'd learned earlier in life?

I first met Miss Britt when I interviewed her for a Member Close-Up piece at Work It, Mom!, back in 2008. We reconnected when she started writing the "Full Time, All the Time" column there, and finally met in person at BlogHer in 2010. A month ago, she and her family sold their belongings, left their home in Central Florida to spend a year living out of a 24-foot RV while they travel the country. And she's sharing her experience with her readers at her blog, "In Pursuit of Happiness."

Today's post is offers 18 things that she's learned during that first month on the road. They're pieces of wisdom that most of us are looking for but unable to find easily, distracted as we are by the minutiae of daily life. Here are the five things that really struck a chord with me:
  • Time together and time apart are both important for maintaining healthy relationships.
  • What you can provide your children has almost nothing to do with how grateful (or ungrateful) they will be.
  • Don’t put stuff off. Just do it, even if you think the outcome or news will be bad.
  • People and places can surprise you. Even if you don’t have the time to learn the back story, remember that there always is one.
  • Being clear about your intentions increases the odds that you’ll be happy with your results – in just about anything.
Click through to read Miss Britt's entire post and follow her adventures. But first, tell me: What's one you've learned that you wish you'd understood earlier in your life? (For me, it's the fact that the little things in life are the big things.)

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