Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going to BlogHer '10? See you there!

BlogHer Voice of the Year Gala
I'm part of a cool video project that Yahoo! is unveiling at BlogHer '10, so I'm heading to New York today for the debut. I've also been selected to compete in the Hillshire Farms Fresh Taste Sandwich Showdown with Padma Lakshmi (yes, from Top Chef!), where I'll be whipping together the four different sandwiches that I stayed up waaaay too late perfecting the other night. (Those of you who know me in real life, specifically during college, are not surprised that I'd be up late cooking for fun.) Stop by their booth (#2112, on the second floor of the Americas Expo Hall) at 11:30 on Friday for the start of the competition.

Will you be at BlogHer '10? Ping me @WriteEditRepeat, or stop me in the halls of the Hilton and say hi!

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