Friday, August 6, 2010

Going from work mode to home mode (without going crazy)

Remember that cool video project I mentioned? It's live now: "You. Reinvented" at Shine at Mine focuses on lowering the stress of transitioning from work mode to home mode:

There's a cool little article to go with it, so please click over to "You. Reinvented" and check it out, along with the rest of the videos and articles. All of them offer great advice, ideas, and real-life stories from women who have reinvented a portion of their lives.

How do you manage the stress of juggling career and parenthood?

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Alicia said...

Great tips. I love the one about changing into your "home" clothes. I do that the second I get home. Makes me feel like the work day is over and I can play and have fun with my family. It was great to meet you in NYC at BlogHer! Sorry I didn't get to chat longer.