Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you OK with your husband's work wife?

My husband has a work wife -- two of them, actually. Though we work at the same company, neither of his work wives are me. I'm fine with that, and I talk about why at The 36-Hour Day:

When it comes to work, we tend to operate independently — and his having a work wife makes that a lot easier in many ways. For instance: Right now, our company is going through what one might call “a rough time,” and my husband and I have been communicating like crazy with coworkers — and sometimes with each other — via Facebook. Which means that for late-night work-related discussions, he and I are often in the same room, on separate computers, posting nearly simultaneously, from separate accounts, on the same site. It’s funny to describe, but it doesn’t faze us — or anyone we work with — because we’re not really thought of as a unit in the office. ... [More]

What do you think about the work-spouse relationship? Have you had one that went wrong -- or that affected your real-life relationship at home?


Nancy Dallavalle said...

FYI, "it doesn't phase us" -- I think that's "faze"

But don't let one little scrambled thing...uh...disconcert you. :-)

LMAlphonse said...

Thanks, Nancy. Proof that I should, uh, proofread more closely! :)