Friday, October 31, 2008

Meanwhile, over at Yahoo...

A few of my weekly posts at Yahoo's Shine have been picked up to run on the main Yahoo homepage in recent weeks. Since the homepage actually has many iterations, I've never actually seen them up there, but the wonderful Work + Money editor gets notified and gives me a heads up when it happens. Given the economy, it's no surprise that the articles that have gotten wide play have been on saving money, but one on ID theft was even more popular, racking up close to 674,000 pageviews in just a couple of hours!

Here are the links:

10 tips for preventing identity theft

5 ways to do more with your money (without investing it)

Working moms: How to save $100 next month

Looking for ways to save money? 5 tips for trimming your grocery bill

Got some great money-saving ideas to share? I'm all ears -- I mean, eyes. Drop me a line!

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