Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tips for Getting Organized, Saving Money, and More

Undercover as the Work It, Mom! Team, I recently researched and wrote articles about getting organized, creating a family emergency kit, getting more for your money, keeping your career on track while you're on maternity leave, some great craft ideas for Father's Day (or any day), revamping your resume, and dealing with the "second shift" at home after work.
I also had a chance to chat with some really interesting working moms, includuing Lisa Takeuchi Cullen of Time Magazine, entrepreneur and singer Liimu McGill (who sang with Patti LaBelle's team on "Clash of the Choirs"), and several other great women. Check out the archive of interviews at Work It, Mom!

On Shine, I dug a little deeper to find more ways working moms can save $100 in a month -- that post is still generating discussion over at Yahoo! -- and my related post about how working mothers can whittle down their grocery bill was highlighted as their pick of the week. My most-recent offering (there's a new one every Tuesday) is about going on staycation -- be sure to check out Dory Devlin's great article about six staycation ideas, too!

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