Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shine On: Should Working Women Keep Their Names When They Get Married?

This week on Shine, I talk about why most women still take their husband's name after marriage -- and why I chose not to:

About 90 percent of women take their husband’s name when they marry, and that’s more than before, according to a Harvard University study -- in spite of the fact that the societal trends that led to women keeping their names in the past (delayed marriage, higher levels of education, and increased presence in the workforce) are the same.

So, why the increase? As working women, do we feel that taking our husbands' name is a way to underscore our femininity? A way to bond with our mates? Or a way to highlight our link to our family histories -- or to our children and our futures? ... [More]
There is a great discussion going on in the comments right now -- check it out at Shine.

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