Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New "Affordable Luxuries" Blog is Live!

Yesterday, we launched our newest blog over at Work It, Mom!: Affordable Luxuries, the Busy Working Mother's Personal Shopper.

Every day, we'll be featuring great items for your home, travel, kid gear, organization, health and beauty, techonolgy, cooking, gift ideas, fashion, and treating yourself right. I'll be handling products for the home, cooking, kid gear, travel gear, and gift ideas, so if you have a favorite item that fits into any of those categories, let me know!

So far this week, we've featured some cool, retro juice glasses from Pier 1, a pair of Yoga-Paws mitts that replace your yoga mat when you travel, a digital crossword-puzzle solver, and a sweet leaf canopy for a child's bed. The selection changes daily... go on over and browse to see what we're looking at now!

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