Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Musical geniuses: These kids can really play

At Shine today, I'm inspired by some amazing musicians—all of whom are younger than 10 years old. Here are three of the ones that really blew me away:

I started playing violin when I was 6, and even when I performed at Carnegie Hall as a first violinist with the youth orchestra I was in, I didn't sound this good. It takes a long time to learn how to play the violin with such emotion, intensity, and clarity, but somehow Brianna Kahane mastered it by the time she was 6. Here she is playing "La Cinquantaine" on a tiny, 1/8-size violin:

Emily Bear played piano at the White House when she was just 6 years old. Not only does she play like a virtuoso, she writes her own music as well. Here she is performing one of her own creations, called "Northern Lights," at age 7. Please note: She's so tiny, the piano is outfitted with special, raised pedals.

5-year-old Jonah is destined for the stage. Here he is rocking out on the drums to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush, a challenge for many adults, let alone a kid who's still in kindergarten.

You can see more amazing musical kids in my video post over at Yahoo! Shine.

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