Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion and the First Lady, sex-selective abortion in India, the dark side of gluten-free, the Rapture, and more

Sometimes I don't get around to posting as frequently as I'd like, but I'm still writing as much as ever (or more!) elsewhere. As promised, here is a round-up recent articles. If there's radio silence over here at WriteEditRepeat, be sure to click over to my archive at Yahoo!'s Shine, where new posts go up nearly daily.

President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, and First Lady Michelle Obama in England this week. (Photo: Getty Images via Yahoo! Shine)

Michelle Obama goes glam and stays stylish while touring Great Britain: A slideshow (with commentary) on what the First Lady chose to wear in England and Ireland this week—and how her choice of designers also makes a political statement.

Fewer girls being born in India due to sex-selective abortion: India's 2011 Census reveals a serious problem: a big decline in the number of girls younger than 7 years old, a sign that the practice of aborting female fetuses may be on the rise.

Going gluten-free? Or hiding an eating disorder? The latest controversy erupts when a blogger at Forbes says the gluten-free "fad" is another way for teens to disguise anorexia. I think she's wrong. Here's why.

The most well-read cities in the U.S.: It's no surprise that Cambridge, Mass.—home to Harvard University and MIT—topped the list. What's more surprising is which cities aren't on it.

Botox Mom isn't the only one: 3 other famous scams: Last week, I covered the story of the California mom who said she injected her 8-year-old regularly with Botox. It turned out to be a hoax, but her case isn't the first one in which a parent pulled a scam and forced their kids to go along with it.

What if you believe the Rapture is coming—but your family doesn't? Harold Camping is officially zero for two with his Rapture predictions, but that didn't stop some of his followers from selling all their things because they were certain that they were going to be taken up on May 21. It didn't happen (his revised date is now October 21). What is it like when the parents are true believers, but their kids aren't? Related: The CDC—yes, the actual CDC—offers tips on preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

What's up with Beyonce's skin tone? Beyonce's latest album, "4," drops this summer and on its cover she looks brighter—and lighter—than ever. We take a look back at her album covers over the years. Is she being styled to look "whiter," as some critics claim? Or is it just a trick of the light?

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