Monday, November 29, 2010

Office supplies to the (working mom's) rescue

My husband has all the fashion savvy in our family -- I'm more of an I-don't-care-as-along-as-all-of-the-important-bits-are-covered-ista. Which means that I'm much more likely than he is to discover a fashion disaster after I'm already at the office. But that doesn't mean I can't fix it.

A couple of years ago, I hemmed a pair of embarrassingly long pants while I was at my desk at work -- while I was wearing them. I am proud to say that did not accidentally sew my cuff to my sock (don't laugh, I've done it before) (oh, fine, go ahead and laugh, it's funny), and I still think it was an example of one of my finer moments in multitasking.

I happened to have planned ahead that time and brought a small sewing kit to work with me. But how often do I happen to have a sewing kit when a clothing conundrum strikes at work? Almost never, that's how often.

So, in general, it's office supplies to the rescue for me. Here are five ways that the stuff in your desk drawer can save the day -- and you don't have to be MacGyver to make it happen.
Paper clips: Use one to make a new toggle for a zipper -- just open it up part way and loop it through that little hingey thing on your pants or jacket.

Staples: Staples are thin and tiny, so they're better than paper clips for temporarily fixing a broken hinge on your glasses. Pry one out of your stapler, straighten it out, line up the broken hinge, slide it into place, and bend one end to secure.

Black permanent marker: I can't even count the number of times I've used a permanent marker to cover up scuff marks on my shoes right before a meeting. Sure, no one can see my feet under the table, but I know they're there, and making them disappear makes me feel better.

Tape: Masking tape makes an instant lint remover. Heavy-duty packing tape can lift some kinds of crusty kid detritus from your clothes. Double-sided tape can keep a gaping blouse modestly closed for a few hours.

Rubber bands: If you've ever pumped in the office, then you probably know this trick: Loop two small rubber bands together into a figure-eight and use them to make your pump hands-free. Are your pumping days behind you? Use the figure-eight to hook your ID badge to a button on your blazer, or loop several together and use them as a belt if you're really desparate.

Have you fixed a looming fashion disaster with office supplies?

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