Friday, October 22, 2010

Magazines for kids (that parents will love, too)

There are some great magazines for kids out there, ones that I'd be happy to let my children read before sneaking off and reading them myself, ones I'd be glad to give as a gift instead of buying yet another plastic toy. I was going to write a roundup of all of the ones I've come across, but then fabulous Mir beat me to it over at Want Not. (Go on, check out her post. I'll wait.)

Like Mir, I'm not a fan of magazines that are heavy on advertising or ones that are very brand-driven. We subscribed to Sparkle World for a while, but even my then-4-year-old got bored after the first few issues. We wanted real stories, word searches, and interesting photographs; what we got were saccharine cartoons and cheap stickers that were little more than ads for My Little Pony and Polly Pocket. The only upside to the subscription was that the money went to charity.

As a kid, I loved reading Ladybug and, later, Cricket (if you click through this referral link right here, you can subscribe to any magazine in the Cricket lineup -- Cricket, Babybug, Ladybug, Click, Ask, or Spider -- for half price). And I have to add National Geographic Kids, Discovery Kids, Muse, and Sports Illustrated Kids to Mir's list.

What magazines did you read as a kid? Are there any that you'd buy for your own kids now?

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fibrowitch said...

Life, Time and Newsweek, but then I was a weird kid. We got Scholastic magazine at school, which had a section on major news stories written for kids to understand. My continued search for news sent me to the newspapers and news magazines of the day.