Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need motivation? Keep a "have done" list

During that last blast of summer-like New England weather, I spent a lot of time with a few good friends, chasing after our kids and keeping up with them in (and out of) the pool. Before the weekend officially started, though, I was dreading the thought of my to-do list. How on earth would I stay on top of it?

Saturday morning, I was up early. (Not earlier than my 3-year-old, who thinks sleep is for sissies. But early.) I started writing down all of the things I needed to get done before Monday, but I kept getting interrupted -- by the laundry, by kids who need breakfast (didn't I feed you yesterday?), by phone calls. So I stopped with the nagging to-do list, and started writing down the things I'd managed to get done already that day.

It was long. Longer than I thought it would be. Encouragingly, mood-boostingly long. And instead of feeling guilty for not crossing enough stuff off the to-do list, I was motivated to see how many things I could add to the have-done list instead.

How do you motivate yourself to get things done? My readers at The 36-Hour Day came up with some great ideas; please share yours, too!

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