Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I never ask my husband if I look fat in this dress

A confession from The 36-Hour Day: I am fashion challenged.

I love dressing up in fancy clothing, things like saris and little black dresses, things I have absolutely no reason to wear anywhere right now. (In fact, I'm going to go through my stash of gowns and give them up for the prom.) I am most comfortable in jeans and a big button-down shirt. I like things that are tailored, but my body, after creating and nurturing two children, is neither in shape nor in the same shape it used to be. Once upon a time I used to wear adorable, short, flirty dresses when I went out with my friends; now, I wear yoga pants and knit shirts from Target while I tuck my kids into bed.

My husband was once named one of Boston's best-dressed men. My utter lack of fashion sense drives him crazy. Not in a good way.


Me: A little black dress with a tiny diamond pendant, a little black dress with a huge statement necklace, and a little black dress with no necklace and just long dangly earings is three different outfits!

Him: No, it's just the same little black dress. A little black dress with a blazer is an outfit for work, a little black dress with a shawl is an outfit for a night at the theater, and a little black dress over skinny jeans is an outfit for clubbing.

Me: Oh.

Just as I tend to want to paint all of the walls in my house white and accessorize with artwork, I tend to want to wear very basic, very neutral clothing, and accessorize with jewelry. I love jewelry. It's what's handed down from mother to daughter in my family. It always fits, no matter what kind of shape your body is in. And while trends come and go, certain pieces are timeless, and I know I don't have to follow what's in style in order to look semi stylish.

For the most part, though, I just don't get it. How can pencil skirts and full, poufy skirts be "in" at the same time? What are you supposed to do if that trendy top looks great with Bs but you've got Ds, so to speak? What's the point of a cropped trench coat? How can a pair of jeans cost more than $200?

I'm happiest wearing clothes that fit my body well, ones I don't have to replace from year to year because, frankly, my budget just can't handle that right now. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

Are you a fashionista, a frugalista, or an I-don't-care-as-long-as-the-important-bits-are-all-covered-ista?

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Maria said...

Wow! I can relate.

I am most comfortable in demin pants and t-shirts. A dark demin and a simple top (usually a t-shirt with a collar) is decent enough for my evening class at the graduate school, for a dress-down day at work, for a coffee on a Sunday with a friend...the only thing I worry about is the kind of earrings that goes along well with my top.

A young CEO that I dated with supermodel looks and fine taste in fashion literally criticized my lack of fashion sense.

Oh well! I wear the clothes that gives me the most freedom in movement and I carry a fashion style that won't hurt my pocket.

Sorry boy. Just wait down the runway for your supermodel female match...