Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun, free iPhone apps to keep your kids occupied.

Now, I do not think you should run out and buy your kid an iPhone or an iPod Touch of his very own. But if you download a few of these free apps to yours, you'll be able to keep him occupied in a pinch -- and that's a sanity saver, indeed. All of these apps are available at the app store at See the whole slideshow at Work It, Mom!, or log on to iTunes and search for these titles:
  1. Tap Tap Revenge. Think "Guitar Hero" for your index finger. Tap the bubbles in time to the music to gain points (and rock out).

  2. USA Factbook. All 50 US states plus basic maps, facts, and descriptions. Perfect for a long car ride!

  3. Sketch Pad. Love to doodle? This easy-to-us, free sketch pad lets your jot down notes or draw little pictures in four colors. You can even select different widths for the lines, which appear as if by magic when you touch the screen.

Tic Tac Toe. Even a preschooler can handle this easy strategy game.

Google Earth. Amazing satellite images and maps let you travel the world without leaving your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Bubble Wrap. Instant stress relief with a satisfying popping sound, but no mess. Bonus kid-attention-grabber: The bubbles regenerate automatically!

FingerPiano Lite. Touch the keys, follow the cues, make music. Easy and fun for everyone.
Stars. This application requires the updated operating system, but it's well worth the free download to have 88 constellations and the night sky in the palm of your hand.

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