Monday, August 24, 2009

Even moms of many get asked if they'll have more kids

Even though we definitely have a full house at home, I still get asked whether I'm planning to have any more. I'm talking about how to deal with the question, "When are you going to have another child" at's Child Caring column.

I was so late with my Christmas cards last year that they turned into New Year's cards, and a few of them became Valentine's Day cards, and then I just gave up. But far-flung relatives, with whom I stay in touch via Facebook rather than phone calls, peek at the posted photos of my kids and ask the inevitable: When are you going to have another child?
Yes, it's true. Moms of only children aren't the only ones who get this.

Here's the thing: The people who ask this know that my husband and I have five children, but that I only birthed the last two. Which means, in their minds, I've only got two kids. So... when am I going to go for "Number Three" seems perfectly valid, to them.

Except "Number Three" would actually be "Number Six" and that's a freaking lot of college tuition to plan for. Especially given the fact that our oldest will be entering college the same year that our youngest starts kindergarten.

I always wanted a large family, and I'm deliriously happy with the one I've got, when I'm not busy being delirious in general, that is. My hat is off to moms of multiples and parents who are raising more kids than we are -- there are plenty of them out there, and my family is small in comparison to some of them -- but my work-life juggling act would be impossible, for me, I think, if my family were any bigger.

So, moms and dads... do you still get asked when you are going to have more children? How do you respond?

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Rajitha said...

hi lyla
i have been following your blog for a while now. Iam a mother of a baby boy who just turned a year old few days back...iam actually shit scared of having another soon and the fact i should be planning to have another one sooner rather than later bcoz of my age etc...I am in awe of you as to how you actually manage with six kids work and home. Do you get to sleep at all? Iam still roaming like a zombie with max 4 hrs sleep at a stretch. I get asked about the second kid all the time. I just say it has to be a surprise just like the first bcoz i dont think i can plan as it never seems as the right time to have one. I love your blog. How do you manage to find time to write?Give me whatever tips on managing time...will be really happy to read through. Regards Rajitha