Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How much have you cut back?

Like most people, I've been searching for ways to trim down my already trimmed down budget. We're reevaluating everything we buy, rethinking the things we used to do without a second thought, and even changing the way we eat and what we plant in the garden.

One of the things that has really shocked me about the state of the economy in general and my company in particular is that when people ask me if things are really as bad as they say on the news, and I say, “Well, yes,” they say, cheerfully, “Well, at least you have your husband’s salary to fall back on.” It’s as if, in spite of everything, the concept of a breadwinning mom is still unfathomable.

At The 36-Hour Day, I'm looking at my work-life juggle and finding that there are a few extra balls thrown in there right now:

I know the cutbacks are necessary, but I’ll admit: I kind of resent having to do this. Part of me thinks, “I worked so hard for so many years, and I’m at this point again?”

The rest of me, though, is dealing with it a bit better. We’re among the lucky ones, really. We can manage.

Are you cutting back at home? What expenses are on the chopping block? Is there anything you refuse to cut out?

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