Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hauling lots of gear on a trip? This can help

There are few things more cumbersome to carry around than a carseat. When you've got more than one child, several suitcases, and a diaper bag -- and only two hands -- things can get really stressful. I wrote about this great product, the air-porter, in a recent "Gearing Up" column for The Boston Globe's Travel section:
When you're traveling with children, you often end up hauling around more gear than people. The Air-Porter strap system makes it easy to carry the extras from the parking lot to the gate. It buckles on to any size wheeled suitcase so that bulky items - car seats, strollers, portable cribs, other bags - can be stacked on top, allowing you to maneuver it all as a single unit. Have your kids outgrown their car seats? The Air-Porter is great for carrying things like skis, guitars, and golf clubs, too. It costs $75 online at or by calling 408-679-9924. [More]

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