Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trying to make "mom friends" -- this is harder than it looks

I took my 4-year-old on a playdate a few weeks ago and, truth be told, I was just as excited about it as she was. I was going to be able to hang out with another working mom! In public! Without having to dash home with cranky kids in tow to make dinner and wrestle them into bed before sitting down to do more work!

I know, I know… it doesn’t sound that momentous. But it really is. Making new “mom friends” is hard in general, but I think it’s exponentially harder when you’re a mom who is also juggling a full-time job.

Why? You're busy, and family time is at a premium, of course, but the bottom line is that you have more to lose. What if you and the other mom don't click? Will you end up affecting your child's relationship with her friend?

Read the rest at The 36-Hour Day and tell me: Do you think it's difficult to make new friends now that you're a mom?

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