Thursday, January 8, 2009

Survey finds work-life balance a priority in 2009

According to results from a recent survey by the folks at FedEx Office, acheiving work-life balance is going to be a higher priority in 2009 than ever before. Not just for working mothers, mind you -- for everyone:

Now, that really should come as no surprise. As the conomy worsens and job-related stress gets taken to a higher level, the reasons why we work are being hrown into sharp relief. We’re worrying about keeping up with our bills, paying our mortgages, putting food on our tables. There’s a level of resentment to contend with, for some: If your job could be taken away from you at any moment, why pour energy into it at the expense of your family? And when you’re working to provide for your family, as most of us are, spending quality time with that family while you can becomes even more of a priority. ... [More]
Get the details over at The 36-Hour Day; I've run through and crunched some of the numbers for you. Is work-life balance more important to you now than it was before? Why or why not?

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