Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When work and life overlap

I spent Thanksgiving Day on the phone with my Mom, who was on the phone with her relatives in Mumbai, who were in their homes just blocks away from where the terrorists were attacking. While trying to focus on the life part of my juggle, I found myself glued to the news and the internet, researching and refraining from reporting. So, how does this relate to work-life balance?
The odd thing about being a journalist is that work always intrudes on your life, even on your days off, even if it’s been years since you worked in the on-deadline world of daily, hard news. I’m sure that’s the case for many other professions as well — pediatricians who are also parents, for example, or accountants who are trying to rework the family budget to keep themselves afloat in this economy or childcare providers who have kids of their own. ...[More]
Do you work in a job that overlaps with your regular life? How do you find balance when you always feel like you’re on the clock?

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