Monday, December 15, 2008

What price would you pay for greater flexibility at work?

Over at The 36-Hour Day, we're talking about job flexiblity, and wondering what price working moms pay in order to get it.

I ask my supervisor who, thank God, has a child of her own and has done the daycare juggle and knows what I’m up against and doesn’t get mad at me, glance apologetically at my other colleagues, and scurry for the door. Leaving early is like shooting a flare into the night, and I know what my childless coworkers and the ones with stay-at-home wives are thinking, because once upon a time, I thought that, too: Slacker.

This aspect of working-mom guilt, I haven’t gotten over. ...[

Why not Working Dads? Well, for one thing... does anyone ever call them that? As Penelope Trunk points out at her Brazen Careerist blog, gender disparity is less about pay than it is about parenting. The bottom line really is that, when they have kids, more women choose to downscale than men. Yes, it's a choice. Personally, I'm OK with the choice I made, but I realized, recently, that I'm not OK with the fact that I had to choose to begin with.

Did you downscale when you had kids? Did you ever rev the great career machine back up?

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