Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Redefining "work"

I was stressing out about my rapidly expanding pre-Thanksgiving to-do list, wondering why I was so tired and why I felt so far behind on my work when I had crossed so many items off of my list. What had I been staying up late doing night after night? And then it hit me...
... there were certain things I’d had crossed off that I wasn’t counting as work. Things like “make pumpkin bread” and “fold laundry.”

Interestingly enough, when someone else is doing all of that stuff I totally consider it work. But when I’m doing it? It’s something else. Not work. Not life, either. How am I supposed to find work-life balance when there’s this other category in the way? [More]

Where does housework fall on your work-life continuum? Tell us at The 36-Hour Day.

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