Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making money without getting a second job

With the economy the way it is, for most people the holiday season simply cannot be the way it was. Finding a second (or third) job isn't always feasable -- there are only so many hours in the day, after all, no matter how you do the math. But you can turn clutter into cash:
1.) Sell your extra books. I’m a book fiend, a book addict, a book enthusiast. My family has come close to staging interventions for me over my first-edition addiction, but I culled through my collection and made about $200 selling some of them to Cash4Books instead. Cash4Books accepts audiobooks and text books as well as softcovers and hardback tomes, and they even pay shipping — type in the ISBN (above the barcode) to see if they’re buying what you want to sell. ... [More]
Other ideas that have worked for me: Selling music, DVDs, books and video games at, turning loose change into gift cards with Coinstar, getting crafty with Etsy, and earning money by saving money. For details, surf over to The 36-Hour Day.

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