Monday, December 22, 2008

Lower your heating bill in 5 easy steps

Today, I'm over at Alpha Mom, offering up ways to lower your heating bill without resorting to turning the thermostat down to 50 and immobilizing the children in layers of sweaters and quilts. Check it out:

Where I live, in New England, home-heating costs are past "high" and approaching "WTF" levels, even though fuel prices have come down since the summer. I've made it my mission to whittle that heating bill down as much as possible. You, too, can lower your heating bill by following these five easy steps, none of which are "cover the windows in plastic," "buy adult-size footie pajamas," or "re-upholster the couch in fleece." ... [More]
Go to Alpha Mom's Guide to Everything (in five easy steps!) to read the rest, and be sure to tell me your tips! I'm pretty sure my husband would rather that I didn't slip into those giant footie pjs.

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