Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too old for a bottle? EarPlanes to the rescue!

On a recent flight to Florida, I faced a problem I hadn't thought to prepare for: My preschooler was way too old for a bottle, but I didn't want to keep giving her lollipops to suck on to help equalize the pressure in her ears. For one thing, it didn't really seem to help -- she was wincing and tearing up as we began our descent, in spite of the sticky lolly she was working on -- and, for another, all that sugar resulted in a spectacular meltdown while we were waiting for our (lost, it turned out) luggage to arrive.

Next time, I'm bringing these:

October 19, 2008
Gearing Up

For Airborne Babies
By Lylah M. Alphonse

My preschooler is too old for it, so the "give your baby a bottle during takeoffs and landings" plan no longer works. And sucking a lollipop does little to minimize her discomfort as the cabin pressure changes. A better bet: EarPlanes. These disposable, earplugs help to stabilize pressure in the ears. They're made of silicone and come in two sizes, cost about $2 a pair, and are safe for use in children as young as one year. Most drugstores sell them and they are also available in the Magellan's catalog (800-962-4943) and at [More]

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