Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last-minute gift ideas abound if you think outside the big box stores

I keep a well-stocked gift closet at home, but inevitably I find myself in need of a gift when there's no time to get one, or when I haven't had a chance to restock that closet. So, I have to get really creative...

No time to head to the toy store, or Target, or a chic boutique. But there’s a cool Asian grocery store near my office. Aside from great produce and dirt-cheap-but-delicious tea, they have a kitchenware section (with a lot of melamine bowls and bamboo steamers, yes, but also a few pretty pieces of pottery and china). I zipped on over.

Ten minutes and $10 later, I walked out with a tea set fit for an empress-in-training. A gorgeous deep-blue teapot. Six matching cups. Six white-and-blue flowered plates. Plus a serving platter for her cucumber sandwiches. It was prettier than the sets I’ve seen at the big box toy stores, sturdy enough to last for a while, and, since it was an actual working tea set, large enough to actually be used.

Sometimes, the perfect present is available at an unexpected place. ... [More]

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Anonymous said...

Here are some more gift buying comments.
Be generous enough to give a gift that is up to the receiver’s standards, however, it’s worth to remember that without intending to, you might make some people feel uneasy or obliged with a very expensive gift.

The general rule is the more closely you are related with the person the more lavishly you spend on a gift. However, when it comes to presents unless the person is extremely needy it’s not really a matter of money.

Best presents are those you genuinely put your thought into and don’t lack in your emotional investment. Also, most often presents require more ingenuity than money.