Thursday, October 16, 2008

Frugal tips, time-saving tips, and ways to do more with less

I've launched a new feature over at -- "Do more with less." For now, the weekly post of tips and tricks for getting more from your money will appear every Wednesday at The 36-Hour Day.

I kicked it off unofficially last week, with a post about five things you can make out of leftover roasted chicken -- choose your comfort level and energy level, from "Lots of Effort" homemade chicken soup from scratch to "No Effort" quick-and-easy chicken salad (or gussied up chicken sal-ahd). Check it out, and share your tips in the comments!

The official kickoff came this week, with a post about five hearty breakfasts that you can make in five minutes or less. (Really, it is possible!). Options include egg-in-a-hole, awesome oatmeal, real French toast, fruit salad, and smoothies. Get the details at The 36-Hour Day, and drop by every Wednesday for more frugal tips!

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