Friday, October 31, 2008

Do more with less! Just the basics: Food and heat

This week, I offer a few tips for trimming your heating bill this winter (hey, it's already cold here in New England), and last week I served up five ideas for using up that quart of leftover cooked rice you stashed in your fridge. You can find the details at The 36-Hour Day, where "Do more with less" is living until it's own space is designed, but here, in a nutshell, are the tips:

Got extra rice? You can make fried rice, use it up in a rice crust for quiche, thicken a soup or stew, make jambalaya, or give your kids a breakfast treat by offering them a decadent (but easy to make) rice pudding.

Want extra heat? Seal up those windows, consider which rooms you need to warm up, bulk up the beds, don't use the fireplace, and do use the fans.

Visit me over at Work It, Mom! for more ways to do more with less.

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