Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Positive stress: Does it really exist?

Working moms are no stranger to stress; it's a part of life no matter what the economy is doing, how many kids you have, what type of work you do, and whether you work inside or outside of the home. But is stress always a bad thing?

I noticed the other day that I tend to be most productive when I'm really stressed out. A bit of research led me to an article at detailing four types of stress: eustress, distress, under-stress, and over-stress. While eustress is clearly positive -- it's the the feeling of motivation and inspiration that carries you through a fascinating but complicated or difficult project -- I think it's one of the more negative ones -- over-stress -- that actually positive for me.

... Being forced to focus only on the immediate issues can be a good thing, from time to time. It can be constructive. Striking item after item off your to-do list can be exhilarating — liberating, almost. You don’t want to be operating in crisis mode 24/7, but every once in a while, having to go into overdrive and multitask like a madwoman in order to get it all done — and actually get it all done? ... [More]

Read the rest, at tell me whether you think stress can be a positive thing, over at The 36-Hour Day.

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