Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's what this working mom really wants

Advertisers, writers, editors, business people of all kinds are trying to figure out how to pitch to women. I can't even count the number of emails I get each day, touting the newest "Women's This" or "Working Mom's That." Websites geared toward women, however, seem overly stocked with three things: Advice for brand-new parents, celebrity news, and diet tips.

But what about women like me? Moms with school-age and older children? Women who don't know Nas from Nelly? Women who don't diet? Working moms who want to know how other woman manage their career-family juggles?

Women aren’t one-size-fits-all when it comes to fashion, and we’re not that way when it comes to our interests, either. So, what do working moms really want, in a website, at least? Here are my top five:

1.) An online community that’s engaging and supportive instead of snarky. I want to be able to connect with women who have been in my high heels, who understand where I’m coming from and know where I’m going (and can help me get there). I’m a working mother who is juggling a career and a family. I don’t need a new BFF, I need an ally. ... [More]

Read the rest at The 36-Hour Day, and tell me what you really want in the comments!

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