Monday, June 2, 2008

Making Up for Lost "Me" Time

Over Memorial Day weekend, I actually took a day off. I mean that I didn't think about or do anything about anything work related for an entire day (and, if you know me, you know that's a very rare thing), and wrote about it in today's post at The 36-Hour Day:

So, as I was rubbing my eyes and trying to write about how I spend my “me” time, I realized that, recently, in my daily work-life-career-parenting juggle, the “me” ball seems to have rolled under the couch and gotten lost among the dust bunnies.

I considered writing that vacuuming the family room floor was something I do “just for me” because the fact that it has actual visible debris seems to bother no one else. But that just seemed pitiful, so I didn’t. Instead, I turned off my computer, tucked my cell phone in my bag, and walked away — for the entire weekend. ... [More]

I'm sure plenty of parents can relate; stop by The 36-Hour Day, share your stories in the comments, and browse around at Work It, Mom! to hear from other people who understand what you're up against!

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