Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking to Save Money? 10 Tips for Working Moms

Recent posts at Yahoo's Shine and at The 36-Hour Day, about realizing that I spend more on gas than I do on food, generated some great questions and discussions about grocery budgets. Riffing off of those, and off of a fantastic money-saving discussion at Work It, Mom!, I wrote a post offering 10 ways working moms can save money right now. Here are a couple of them.

On cutting my grocery bill:

1.) We use our big freezer. We have a huge freezer in the basement. I love my freezer. I buy meat and divide it into meal-size packages and freeze it. I buy extra bread when it’s on sale and freeze it. I cook extra meals and freeze them. I roast tomatoes from our garden and freeze them. I make homemade dairy-free ice cream and freeze it. On hot days, I fantasize about standing over my open freezer and gazing lovingly into its icy depths for long, cool hours at a time, but I restrain myself.

On ways to save $100 next month:

4.) Ditch the juice boxes. Last summer, I was packing seven juice boxes A DAY into my kids’ lunchboxes. That’s 35 juice boxes a week. That’s crazy. This year, everyone is getting a screw-top Nalgene bottle filled with homemade lemonade, and I’m saving at least $10 a week, maybe more. ... [More]

Read the rest at The 36-Hour Day, leave a comment, peruse the blog's archives, or join the discussion at Work It, Mom!

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