Monday, June 9, 2008

Beating the Heat by Going to Work

Its hot, hot, hot here in New England, where spring is officially over once the temperature shoots up from 62 degrees to 96 degrees in less than 24 hours. We don't have air conditioning at home, but there's plenty of the cold stuff at the office, and I found myself daydreaming of beating the heat by heading to work and wondering when I turned into such a wimp about the weather...

I feel like a wimp at other times, too, longing for the office when the temperatures are closer to tolerable but my energy and/or patience levels are not. At those times, my commute feels like “me” time, and I get to work and gaze at the pictures of my gorgeous children and forget that sometimes my little angels can quickly morph into hellions. I sip green tea at my desk and blast through my to-do list, feeling productive and in charge, and that wimpy, “why can’t I handle this?” feeling dissipates. ... [More]

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