Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Guides for Working Moms

I put together a couple of Mother's Day Gift Guides for Work It, Mom! this week: one is a wish-list of gifts for working mothers, and the other offers craft ideas for kids to make for their moms.

Also at Work It, Mom!, my "In Focus" feature for May puts the spotlight on healthy indulgences, but the suggestions there make perfect Mother's Day gifts as well...

What would I pick for myself? I'm a sucker for great jewelry, as my family already knows, but this year I think I'd be most happy with something sappy -- a drawing from each of my kids, signed and framed. Awwww....


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Anonymous said...

I actually bought my mom such a great present this year for mothers day..Pearl earrings. I bought them from this site called loved them!!