Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shine On: Finding Time to Exercise

This week on Yahoo's new portal for women, Shine, I wrote about finding time to exercise, and threw in five tips for good measure:

What’s stopping me from joining a gym? Myself, I guess. And time. I don’t know when I’d go, even if I really wanted to sweat in public. (Yeah, I don’t have a good answer for this one. Especially since some experts say that three 10-minute workouts can be as good for you as a single 30-minute session.) Compounding the problem is the guilt. I already spend so much time away from my kids; how can I justify taking more time for myself?

People do it all the time, though, so there's got to be a way for me to get fit. Let's take a look at how other working moms work in a work out... [More]

Read the rest at Shine. What, no time? Here are those five tips, in brief:

1.) Make time. Get up early or stay up late.

2.) Schedule it in, just as you would any other appointment.

3.) Stay positive. Focus on the positive thoughts associated with your goal ("I want to be fit!"), and eliminate the negative ones ("I should exercise more").

4.) Work out with your kids. Watching soccer practice? Walk around the perimeter of the field.

5.)Be creative. If you can multitask -- and what working mother can't? -- then you can make your everyday activities burn a few extra calories.

So, as I was saying... read the rest over at Shine!

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