Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Interview with Karin Abarbanel

As the Managing Editor of Work It, Mom! I edit a lot of articles, solicit new writers, and help administer the site. Creating content is another big part of the job, and each month I interview an inspirational working mother under the guise of "The Work It, Mom! Team." Earlier in March, I chatted with Karin Abarbanel, a marketing expert and author of several how-to guides for women.

She runs her own one-woman marketing communications firm, Abarbanel Communications, but her true love is writing. "I’ve always loved writing and this has always been center stage in my work life," she says. Her newest book is Birthing the Elephant, and she describes it as the What to Expect When You're Expecting of small-business books.

Other guides focus on the three Ms: Money, Marketing, and Management. But
there’s a fourth M -- Motivation – that’s largely been ignored, yet it’s at the
heart of small-business survival. ... [More]

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