Monday, March 17, 2008

A great resource for parents with older kids

Sites like these are few and far between: A parenting website that's not geared toward new moms, baby troubles, or the Terrible Twos! It's called Mid-Century Modern Moms, and the 10 bloggers who contribute to it focus on the joys and trial of parenting teens and young adults: driver's licenses, college admissions, empty nests and hormones (yours AND your child's!).

But what do they mean by mid-century? Writer Ilona Peltz says, "See, it's not THIS century we're writing about: it's our own personal half-centuries. Because the mothers who are writing for this blog are all within spitting distance of fifty, from one side or other."

The contributors have plenty of experience to draw from; you can read their bios here. And then bookmark the site -- even if you're kids (and you!) are on the youngish side, you'll be needing their insight just a few years from now. I'm not near my own mid-century yet, but I know I'll be back at MCMMs often for the posts on parenting teenagers.

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L said...

Thanks for the link! We're off to a great start, and I really do think it's filling a niche that's been largely ignored prior to now.