Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bedbugs Begone

It's never happened to me, but I've always worried that it will, and now I can rest easy the next time I'm stuck in a questionable hotel overseas...

December 30, 2007
One way to prevent the bedbugs' biting

By Lylah M. Alphonse

There are few things more stressful than unexpected guests, unless it's a few hundred of them that hitch a ride on your luggage and then infest your home. We're talking bedbugs here, and they're not pretty. Keep the little bloodsuckers at bay with a safe, easy-to-use spray that protects your bags and everything in them when you travel. Rest Easy Bedbug and Insect Control for Luggage is water-based, so it won't leave sticky or oily residue on fabrics, and it's also effective on fleas, ticks, moths, spiders, and cockroaches. Made by J.T. Eaton, Rest Easy is EPA-certified. It costs about $15 a bottle and is available in many ACE Hardware stores or by calling 800-321-3421. [More]


nobugs said...

Unfortunately, this will probably only kill bed bugs you spray directly.

We have some additional suggestions for searching hotel rooms and avoiding bed bugs here:

LMAlphonse said...

Thank you for your comment, and your suggestions! I will be sure to check out the link you provided!

-- Lylah