Monday, November 26, 2007

Have Wine, Will Travel

Personally, I'm not above wrapping a few fragile items in my laundry and stowing it in the very center of my checked luggage, but for those of you who aren't willing to take the risk, and want to bring a couple of bottles with you on your holiday travels, this bag may be perfect.
November 25, 2007
Good to go

Flying like a sommelier
By Lylah M. Alphonse
Globe Staff

You've had a wonderful time in wine country, and you've fallen in love with the perfect bottle of wine. Now what? Some states don't allow wineries to ship there, and airline restrictions on liquids make it impossible to bring your wine on board. You could pack the bottles in your checked luggage, of course, but what if they leak? Or break?

The BottleWise Duo - a soft-sided, padded, water-tight bag - was developed to safeguard your Semillon. Made of durable, 1000-Denier Cordura fabric with removable pouches for two 750-milliliter bottles, the Duo bag also protects your wine against temperature and pressure fluctuations during the flight. A sturdy shoulder strap lets you use it as a tote and, unlike hard-sided cases, it flattens easily for storage. A basic black bag costs $48.95; burgundy or cork-colored bags have heavier padding (and cost $10 more) online at [More]

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