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Lylah M. Alphonse
http://writeeditrepeat.blogspot.com -- WriteEditRepeat (at) gmail (dot) com

I’m a Boston-based journalist with nearly 25 years of full-time experience writing and editing for print; I’ve been immersed in writing and editing online since 2007. My work has appeared in, been referenced by, or linked to by many publications and websites, including The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Yahoo.com, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Babble.com, and others. For references and recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

U.S. News & World Report (June 2013-present). As the Managing Editor for Government Rankings/News at U.S. News &World Report, I supervise about 15 full-time writers, editors, producers, and multimedia specialists covering national news issues. I assign and edit stories, negotiate and manage content partnerships, guide freelancers and interns, and coordinate daily news coverage and long-term projects, including several rankings initiatives measuring government performance at the global, state and local levels. I also work closely with the company’s sales and advertising departments on sponsor relationships, events and outreach.

WGBH-TV, Boston (July 2016-present). I'm a regular guest on "Greater Boston," where I discuss politics, and on "Beat the Press," where I'm a panelist offering analysis of the media.

Northeastern University (Aug. 2019-present). I teach "Race, Sex, Media," a graduate-level class in the School of Journalism exploring how race, sex and gender are represented in the news and how that affects how we see the world. I created the syllabus and lecture plans and evaluated and selected all of the course material.

Yahoo.com (March 2008-June 2013): As a senior editor and writer at Yahoo!’s Shine I covered news, politics, health, parenting, and trend stories for Shine and Yahoo.com. I've conducted exclusive on-camera interviews with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and Valerie Jarrett for Yahoo.com, launched Y! Shine's "Women in Politics" section for the 2012 election cycle, and written more than 1,100 features, news analysis, women's lifestyle pieces, and trend stories for the front page of Yahoo.com. I earned recognition in Yahoo!'s 2012 world-wide Editorial Awards, and built up a track record of creating content that generates discussion (many of my front page stories have garnered more than 20,000 comments each) and goes viral (my work has been picked up by the Daily Mail, local news stations, Rush Limbaugh, The New York Times, and others). In 2011 I earned a Yahoo! Bravo for my five-part on-camera exclusive interview with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Archive: yhoo.it/W24Ehq

Boston.com (Jan. 2009-Jan. 2011): I wrote the In the Parenthood column for The Boston Globe and online at Boston.com/moms, offering information on parenting news, tips, and trends, as well as resources and discussions about everything from autism to current events to evergreen parenting issues.

The Boston Globe (July. 1994-Nov. 2010):

+Boston Globe Sunday Magazine (April 2005-Nov. 2010): As a copy editor, I was responsible for editing and fact-checking articles, including award-winning pieces by Neil Swidey, Charles P. Pierce, and others. Also responsible for coordinating and processing content for use online at Boston.com/Magazine.

+CCI project (May 2003-April 2005): During my time in IT, I was responsible for coordinating and implementing the roll-out of new front-end system for the Boston Globe, which gave me the opportunity to dive in and work in every single department at the newspaper. As a member of the CCI team I headed up the development of design and workflow issues for the Globe's advertising department, taught classes on using CCI and other new technology, and wrote original documentation for advertising and production personnel.

+ National/Foreign News (July 1999-May 2003): My nearly four years as the Assistant News Editor for National news at the Globe started on the day John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane went down off the coast of Massachusetts. I assisted in coordinating coverage for that and for the Bush/Gore election. While stuck in India and Europe during 9/11, I reported on the impact of the terrorist attacks on US citizens abroad. Back in Boston, I was once again responsible for assigning, evaluating, and editing staff-written stories, selecting and editing wire copy, assigning and selecting photos, assigning and editing graphics, recruiting freelancers, supervising solo the production of late editions, and working with staff members in Washington D.C. and on assignment throughout the US. Worked directly with writers including Pulitzer winners David Shribman and Gareth Cook, best-selling author Robert Schlessinger, and award-winning journalists such as Anne Kornblut, Susan Milligan, and others.

+ Living/Arts (July 1994-July 1999): While on the Living/Arts copy desk, I successfully designed and implemented an in-depth multi-departmental news index for the Boston Globe's Sunday paper, a version of which is still in use today. I was responsible for editing staff and wire copy for daily Living and Arts coverage, approving stories and art, writing headlines, captions and other display type, proofreading pages, designing and paginating inside pages, scheduling and managing 14 copy editors (July 1997-July 1999), and editing, designing, and supervising production of Music, Food, Life at Home, Calendar Magazine, Brides and TV Weekly sections.

+ Writing (Sept. 1994-Nov. 2010): At The Boston Globe and The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, I wrote news stories (9/11 coverage from Europe, shuttle explosion from India), travel trend stories (group travel, destination pieces, packing tips), hard and soft feature stories (schoolchildren and beer in Belgium, in-depth interviews with local celebrities and up-and-coming innovators), restaurant reviews (in Globe Northwest and Calendar sections), design features (in the Globe Magazine), profiles (in the Globe Magazine), first-person essays (in the Living/Arts section and the Globe Magazine), book reviews (Living/Arts), family-friendly activities (Bring the Family column in Living/Arts), and product reviews (Shop Online, a column about online shopping, appeared in the Life at Home section from July 1998 through Jan. 2004. My column about travel-related gear and gadgets appeared in the Sunday Travel section under different names from Oct. 2001 to November 2010. My parenting column, In the Parenthood, ran in the Living/Arts section and online at Boston.com. For clips, please see Boston.com and WriteEditRepeat.blogspot.com.

Workitmom.com (Nov. 2007-Dec. 2011): At Work It, Mom!, I wrote The 36-Hour Day, a twice-weekly blog about work-life balance, frugal living, and juggling career and parenthood, and Affordable Luxuries, a daily personal shopping guide for busy working parents. As managing editor of the site, I was responsible for managing and generating content geared toward the modern working mother. I wrote quick tips, check lists, articles, interviews, slide shows, and other general content,  produced slideshows, review products, coordinate giveaways and other events to boost traffic, edit user-generated content (UGC), and solicited and edited copy from freelance writers ranging from bloggers to bestselling book authors. I worked directly with our CEO to create and implement our editorial schedule, and am very involved in SEO and long-term planning of content for the site.

Online coordinator, The Boston Globe Magazine (June 2009-Nov. 2010): After a long struggle to gain readership online, I volunteered to create and implement a system for coordinating and planning multimedia coverage for The Boston Globe Magazine at Boston.com. In addition to my work with the print version of the Globe Magazine, I selected, processed, and edited Magazine content for Boston.com, and worked closely with content producers at Boston.com to promote and build a larger audience for The Boston Globe Magazine online. Within the first month of my taking on this responsibility, pageviews at Boston.com/Magazine jumped 169 percent.

The Post-Standard, Syracuse, N.Y. (Jan. 1993-June 1994)

+ Acting assistant business editor (Jan. 1994-June 1994): Responsible for editing and producing weekly Business Extra section and yearly Progress/Annual Report.

+ Editor, Automotive section (May 1993-June 1994): Responsible for assigning and editing staff and wire copy, writing headlines, captions and other display type, selecting and preparing photos, designing and paginating section.

+ Copy editor and paginator, City Desk and Business Desk (Jan. 1993-June 1994): Responsible for editing staff and wire copy, writing headlines, captions and other display type, selecting and preparing photos, designing and paginating section.

The Princeton Packet, Princeton, N.J. (March 1990-Aug. 1992): Lifestyles writer, "Shoptalk" columnist, weddings editor, copy editor, and general assignment reporter

Other Related Experience

Consulting Editor, FEZANA Journal (2006-present)
Contributing Writer, Hamazor magazine, Parsiana magazine (2003-present)
Author, Triumph Over Discrimination: The Life Story of Farhang Mehr (Regal Press; ISBN 0-9709937-0-6) (2000).
Contributing writer, Interactions: A Thematic Reader, (Houghton Mifflin Co.) (1999)
Contributing writer, Our Times, 5th edition (Bedford Books) (1998)
Interviewer, New England Cable News. "Around the Globe," various segments (1996-2007)
Featured guest on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” WGBH’s “Greater Boston," BAM radio networks, "You. Reinvented" series on Shine.Yahoo.com.
Contributing writer at Alphamom.com, Largerfamilies.com, Yahoo.com, Boston.com, Excelle.com, and other sites.

Related Skills

In-depth writing, reporting, and editing experience
Social media experience on multiple platforms
Blogging, blogger outreach, and community engagement experience
Managing and organizing others who work in-house and from remote locations
Content acquisition, organization, and management in print and online
Proficient on multiple blogging, CMS, and social media platforms
TV/webcast experience (live and taped, as interviewer and as guest)

Awards and Activities

+ Editorial Award, Yahoo.com, for "In Defense of Gabby Douglas' Hair" (http://yhoo.it/11JXFLu) (April 2013)
+ Featured speaker, Yahoo! Business & Human Rights Summit on Women, Technology, and Social/Digital Media (May 2012)
+ Yahoo! Bravo, Yahoo.com, for five-part on-camera interview with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden (http://yhoo.it/rGcdXZ) (Nov. 2011)
+ Impact Award, The Boston Globe (implementation of CCI in Calendar Magazine, Nov. 2004)
+ Impact Award, The Boston Globe (creation of Apartment Guide advertising supplement, summer 2004)
+ S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.; Professional Gallery and Alumni Hall of Fame inductee (2000)
+ Member, Asian American Journalists Association (2000-present)
+ Member, South Asian Journalists Association (2001-present)
+ Member, Zoroastrian Women’s International Network (2001-present)
+ Member, Zoroastrian Association of the Greater Boston Area (1999-present)


S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.; Bachelor of Science, Newspaper Journalism, May 1994 (cum laude), minors in literature and psychology

The Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg, Fla.; "The Narrative Voice" (2000), "Effective Story Editing" (2002)

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