Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have Kids, Will Travel

This story was a long time in the works. Here's the background: I have five kids, three of them by marriage, two of them by birth. They range in age from 13-years old to 10-months old, and when we travel, we haul around a lot of stuff. I started keeping an eye out for gear and gadgets that would make our lives easier -- and by "make our lives easier" I mean "allow me to get from Point A to Point B with my sanity more or less intact." Et voila: A handy list of 10 things that I think are absolutely essential when traveling, anywhere, with kids.

June 10, 2007

Kid stuff to soften the realities of family travel

By Lylah M. Alphonse, Globe Staff

Gone are the days when you could keep the kids amused with a rousing game of "I Spy" while on the road. And the threat to "go home right now!" has the same hollow ring as back in the day. Here are 10 products that will take the edge off getting there with children and make things easier once you arrive. ... [More]

There's a gorgeous slide-show of the products to go with it, too.

Wondering what the 10 products are? Well, here you go! (Click on the story itself for more details)

1.) A great bag: Sasha's mini Bucket Bag from Howda Designz or the clever Skyway backpack (which has zippered compartments and a detachable lunch box).

2.) Entertainment: A dual-screen DVD player for the car, preferably with headphone jacks, like this one by Disney or this one by Axion.

3.) Drinks: Juice Pal holders add handles to most standard-size juice boxes or pouches.

4.) Snacks: The Snack-Trap by Made for Mom (get a 20% discount until Sept. 30 with code 20globe).

5.) Avoiding nausea: Motion sickness relief bands are a drug-free way to keep nausea at bay.

6.) Non-electronic entertainment: Klutz offers a wide range of kid-friendly on-the-go activities. I love their Kids Travel Backseat Survival Kit.

7.) Sleep: Lilly Gold's Nap-Sac is a diaper bag that opens out into a changing station and also can be used as a bassinet.

8.) Tracking devices: The Giggle Bug toddler tracker works similarly to those fobs that help you find your car keys. Except this one's louder. And you clip it onto your kid.

9.) A great stroller: The Sit 'n Stand LX is a stroller with a toddler-friendly jump seat. It's not much bigger than a regular stroller -- definitely a plus in a crowded airport.

10.) Quick diaper changes: The Pronto mini-changer by Skip Hop keeps everything you need for a diaper change in a compact, easy-to-grab clutch.

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