Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A cache of old Get in Gear columns

From 2001 through 2004, I wrote a weekly column about travel-related gadges for the Globe. It was called "Get in Gear." It got canned for space in 2004, but was resurrected by a new Travel editor in 2006, when it was renamed "Good to Go." Starting in May 2008, it'll be called "Gearing Up." The name changes, but the focus stays the same!

I stumbled on a cache of old "Get in Gear" columns... click on the "More" (or, on the older ones, the actual title) to see what gadgets were cool way back when!

Sketching, Running, Perfume Pens [More ]
Fun, Fido, First Aid [More ]
Hats, Money Clips, Space Bags [ More ]
Keep an eye on your heart and your clothes in order [ More ]
Health on the road and teeing [ More ]
Conveience and beautyA scarf, a stroller, and a travel tray [ More ]
Toiletries for travel [ More ]
Let there be light! And warmth! And trvia! [ More ]
In the car. [ More ]
Troubleshotting gadgets. [ More ]
Eat, think, and buy memory. [ More ]
Waking up right. [ More ]
Travel technology. [ More ]
Stay clean, sharp, and flexible. [ More ]
Mama's got a brand new bag. [ More ]
Family fun on the road. [ More ]
Small comforts. [ More ]
Feeding the senses: smell, taste, touch. [ More ]
Beating those cold, dark days. [ More ]
High-altitude homeopathy. [ More ]
Walk and think at the same time. [ More ]
Gear for winter travel. [ More ]
Smooth, safe, and soulful. [ More ]
Time (and mind) management. [ More ]
A bag in the hand. [ More ]
Accessorize on the road. [ More ]
Gadgets on the go. [ More ]
Time for tea. [ More ]
Clothes, collar, keys. [ More ]
Looking for security. [ More ]
It's the bees' knees. [ More ]
Drink, pack, be merry. [ More ]
Plump up your pillow, tires, and immune system. [ More ]
Animal, vegetable, governmental. [ More ]
Fighting the elements. [ More ]
Skirt, bag, and bowl. [ More ]
Sight, smell, touch. [ More ]
Reading and running. [ More ]
Kids, sleeping, packing on the road. [ More ]
High-tech travel gear for kids. [ More ]
Drink, think, and be merry. [ More ]
Accessories for folks on the go. [ More ]
Food and drink. [ More ]
Bells, tags, tape. [ More ]
Babies, bikes, and doves. [ More ]
Stay Caffeinated. [ More ]
Living it up. [ More ]
Living rough
Save your back, your brain, and your tea cup
Things that are easy to lose
Coffee, games, blankets
Bags, bars, and brush
Words on the water
A picnic in the park
Points of light
Doggie bags
Putting on the Ritz
Plan, listen, carry
West at the second star
Children, water, light
Cruising the light fantastic
Handy, dandy items
Getting comfortable
High tech for travelers
Bags, blotting, and boogie boards
A few of my favorite things
Pets, rocks, clothes
Take Yuppie paradise with you
Bags, shoes, and puppy dogs tails
High-tech gadgets
Staying warm on the road
Sharp creases, good ears, environmental tunes
Books, coffee, and Zen chimes
On the road again
Watch where you're going!
Gadgets for the holidays
Fun in the cold
Bags, torches and filters
Binocs, books and anti-barfing
Phones, CDs and fresh-scent luggage
Folders, cubes, wipes and water
Clocks, locks and phones

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